Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Spring Palette Challenge (a bit late but never mind!)

I have been really enjoying looking at other people's palettes for the Colette Patterns Spring Palette Challenge. The idea is to pick a palette of colours that are inspiring you right now and create a little wardrobe of outfits and items that use these colours. I have been holding off because I seem to be loving all sorts of colours at the moment but then I realised that whilst I was enjoying the colours, I kept trying to make things in a much more restricted palette-so I had a go at making my selection and working out the projects. Though I'm a little late on the challenge, some of the projects I have already been working on are part of the plan so it is all fine!

Sadly I don't know where I got half these from but some are form modcloth, the Pendrell blouse is obviously Sewaholic, the blue gathered front skirt is by Casey, and the red belt is Tilly's.  
I am planning to make 7 items, using shades of blue and purple and white as a contrast. That sounds rather a lot, but two of them are only belts so should hopefully come together quickly! Plus I originally had 8 items, but a gathered 50s blouse in white with turquoise flowers got cut at the last minute as I was in danger of biting off far more than I can chew! Having said that it might come back in again if I fancy it!

Obviously my Pendrell homage (should I ever get round to finishing it-I have slipped a little on the sew-a-long time frame!) is included, and the Chuck dress. I had this Challenge in mind when I selected the Wildflower skirt fabric and I am going to refashion the turquoise jersey sarong/wrap skirt I mentioned here. In addition to these I am planning an Oolong (great name-I've looked it up just now and its a kind of special Chinese tea) by Colette Patterns, a bias cut dress. It's quite a dressy pattern as its been made up by them, but I'm going to do a more worky/everyday version by making the bodice from white and bottom from navy.

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  1. Oooh! You're the one with all the blues on the Colette forum; I think I commented on there about all of your lovely images.

    I can't wait to see your oolong dress. I haven't seen a lot done up, so I'm curious to see yours.

    Happy sewing.