Monday, 28 February 2011

Ridiculous things I have made in the past -part 1

I have suddenly realised that I have an assignment due in the week (bah!) for which I have not done any work at all. Therefore, sewing this week is probably not going to be happening. Accordingly I shall instead amuse/confuse you all with some random posts about work that I did on my crazy architecture course.

I shall start with a arm gauntlet thing that I made out of pvc as part of a "viewing" device (the idea was you looked through the slides you put on top which had words on them , and you saw things differently. Clearly this was more conceptual than anything else. It was part of a group project which also saw my friend Imogen construct a submariner style helmet that made her look like a robot.

(The image is a scan from my thesis report, which I would explain but I'm not sure I understand it anymore! it was very conceptual and odd.)

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