Thursday, 10 February 2011

I own pinking shears!

I took a little wander to John Lewis to have a look at their haberdashery (I do love a little haberdashery!) and whilst my enthusiasm for their fabric was slightly dinted by the realisation that they had my Amy Butler fabric on sale (GRRR!) I was drawn to the scissor rack. I splurged on some pinking shears! I'm very excited! I've never owned any before and I hate everything unravelling off everywhere, and now such things are of the past! I also got some proper tailors chalk as my pencils are driving me mad.

My skirt is all sewed together, barring the fact that I seem to have lost all my hooks and eyes somewhere so I shall have to get some more to finish the waistband (I'm having to bodge it as I somehow managed to cut the waistband too small (I seriously don't know what the matter with me is-I measured it several times!). It is now hanging up to stretch out before I hem it up.

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