Monday, 7 February 2011

Inspiration: pleats and gathers

In between hacking my various patterns about (progress on these is happening I promise!) I've been getting intrigued by gathers and pleats. Now I am in general not really skilled enough to pull these off in most instances but they can be so pretty and interesting. 

Doing a cruise round modcloth and etsy (among other places!) I found lots of beautiful outfits which manipulate fabric through added volume and lines in very different ways.

Give Me S'more Dress from modcloth 

It's just so cute! I love the stiff neat minipleats on the skirt that then flare out, and the smooth pleaty details on the top are lovely. It's a dress with a lot going on which still manages to look simple. 

Kennebunkport Dress in Wake from modcloth

I love that the pleats look like they go all the way down from the neckline as smooth flat pleats to the fuller skirt. 

Languid Days skirt by Anthropologie 

A simple pleated skirt, but where the pleats go over the waistband. Looks very simple but would be very difficult to get neat!

Portrait of a Siren bamboo jersey dress by GinaMicheleEco on etsy

Lovely contrast between the tightly constructed bodice detail and tiny pleats with the loose gathered double layer skirt

Pewter than Ever dress by modcloth 

Beautiful clean lines and drape. 

Pleated Neckline Dress With Ruffled Sleeves by Lirola on Etsy

Lirola does some lovely drapey jersey items, but I like that the neckline on this is far more structured and textural. It also uses the fabulous property of jersey-ie that it doesn't need hemming, to have cut edges that make it look like it's been left halfway through construction of a more complicated garment. I also like the contrast between the constructed neckline and the very simple elasticated waist , normally I'm not a fan of elastic done like this but its been done so well it really works. 

and to finish off - a incredible dress by Madeleine Vionnet in 1939, as discussed by Lisa on the Colette Patterns blog

I don't really know where to start on how lovely this dress is.   It's so detailed and beautiful and ssoooooo elegant!  

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  1. What lovely eye-candy you post. I love the neckline pleats on that dusty rose dress from etsy.