Thursday, 17 February 2011

Glee bow construction

Well its been about a million years, but I finally got round to finishing the Glee Dress (I think-I still have to check it on her as its been a while!)! I had tacked it all together for Charlotte to wear to our Christmas meal party, but then got distracted and hadn't finished it. The main thing to complete was the bow.

In case you've forgotten, here is Rachel wearing one in Glee

Now I had to make mine up as I went  along and consequently its a little scrappy from the back! It could also do with an iron now I've finished it-but never mind-time for photos.

Firstly I ironed some fusible interfacing onto the back of my fabric. Then I cut it into three pieces, two pieces about twice as wide as the finished bow should be, and twice as deep, and one twice as long and wide as the middle part of the bow. Then I sewed them into long tubes.

For the main part of the bow, I took one of the long tubes and sewed the ends together to make a loop. I then wrapped the small tube round the middle, arranging the folds, and then sewed the ends down.

For the ends of the bow, I cut the tube in half on a diagonal, to end up with two pieces, which I turned inside out, hemmed the pointy ends, then turned back out and hemmed the other end that wont be visible. . 

I then worked out the folds with pins (not very symmetrically as it turned out!) and sewed the folds in on the back by hand. 

Then I sewed them onto the back of the bow by hand. I initially sewed them on the wrong way round (thats what comes of not looking at the picture!). 

So that the bow can be detached from the dress for washing (and if Charlotte wants to wear it without it) I sewed on three brooch back pins.

And there you have it. In an ideal world I would have made it far more symmetrical!

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