Friday, 18 February 2011

Pendrell Homage-2nd muslin

Well I finally got round to altering my pattern pieces. I mainly took a few inches off each seam below bust point. I also took some small tucks out of the neck, and did a sway back adjustment (thanks miss p for suggesting it!).

I sewed up another muslin with my new pattern and its MUCH better! I actually look like my actual shape! I also attached the sleeves.

Certain things are clearly off however - I should have realised that after taking all the width out of the waist and doing the sway back that I would have to add it back in a the hip area. The front is fine but the back needs another 4 inches at the bottom hem -oops! when I add it back in the bottom should hang a lot better. I think looking at the pictures, I did the sway back slightly too low, if I move it up an inch higher and then add the additional width below, it should all be better. (the wrinkles under the bust at the front are actually mainly creases as I tried to get it over my head without undoing the bottom back fastener and got stuck (thanks Charlotte for rescuing me).

Despite my taking tucks out of the neckline, its still very gapey, so I will have to take more out.

So overall it's looking pretty good, but now I have the sleeves to contend with. I managed to set them in better than usual, I think I'm finally getting the hang of it -no weird tucks after I get the gathering wrong! (I know its not difficult, it just seems to be one of the things that foxes me!). Clearly I did something very wrong on the Christmas dress, as I actually made the sleeves smaller this time, but they look and feel massive! I'm going to have to take them in and up quite substantially. They sit in well though, and in about the right place. (EDIT-I've just realised what happened, I took the seam allwoance off the bodice peices but didn't bother when I got to the sleeves as I was using the original pattern piece.. I am such a chump! still, mystery solved...doh)

All in all I'm pretty pleased, it's a massive improvement on the previous baggy effort. I think it probably ought to be a bit longer but I don't think I am going to have enough material.

I now just have to work out the facings and neck ruffles.

Here are my pieces laid out (obviously there would be two sleeves). It is a bit tight length wise, so I'm not sure I am going to be able to make it longer. But there does seem to be enough left for the facings and ruffles so its all good. I'm glad it's finally coming together, I think this may have been a few challenges too far for my enthusiasm levels!

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