Monday, 21 February 2011

Wildflower Skirt-complete!

I finished something!

This skirt is the first part of the Spring Palette Challenge, and is very simple, just an A-line. I wore it to wander round Edinburgh with my friend Srobana who was visiting me.

You cant really see the shape too well due to it being really windy! I really like it though.  Its very comfortable, really jolly and despite creasing quite easily the creases aren't really visible. Result. I wore it all day and then out for drinking and it stood up well. I was worried the pattern might be a bit much but I think it works nicely. The one with my woolly hat shows the drape of the skirt better.


  1. Your skirt looks lovely! Love the pattern.

  2. Thanks! The pattern cheers me up just looking at it!