Friday, 4 February 2011

First stab at the cami

Well based on my muslin I cut out the satin for the cami and sewed it together. I haven't done any of the bias binding yet, in case it doesn't ft.

Now as usual the photo is making it look worse than it is as the silky fabric isn't nearly as shiny as it looks in the picture, and the wrinkles round the waist look quite nice in reality rather than odd! It's still a bit weird round the bust..

Its interesting, for a bit I thought it was a case of having cut too much off and made it too small, but having looked at it a bit longer I think its more a case of not having done quite enough gathering. I think if I take the straps up a little the gathering will sit better.As you can probably also tell I caught the centre of the underbust seam and I will have to unpick that bit.

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