Sunday, 5 December 2010

Future Project - Chuck Dress

Ever since I first saw Pushing Daisies I have been in love with Chuck's wardrobe. She wears such fun vintage inspired clothing from different eras and always in really bright colours. After watching series 1 again recently I have been lusting quite hard after certain outfits. She wears a fantastic selection of coats. This is a lovely yellow wool one with a great neckline (though Im not sure I can pull off lemon myself!)

She also has a gorgeous trenchcoat.
And a great bright green and animal print wool that manages to have exaggerated details without looking bulky. 

She also has a fantastic selection of full skirted dresses with lovely necklines. I find a lot of vintage inspired dresses made now all have high necks, which look great, but terrible on me. Chuck's dresses however always have great silhouettes and are cut to show off Anna's fantastic

There is one however that I really really want (my flatmates got a bit irritated with me stopping the dvd to get a better look at it!) Its a bright pink full skirted shirtdress and its beautiful! I think the pink might be a bit much on myself so I've bought lots of a purple cotton to try with. I'm going to use Mccalls 6649, though I will take the skirt in probably by at least half, that much bulk is not going to work on me 

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