Friday, 17 December 2010

Crafty Christmas Part 2

After my trying time with the picnic mat, I needed something a little more straightforward. I had been meaning to make a wrist pincushion for my friend Becca who likes to sew also (and frankly better than me!) so I had a little trawl through the amazing Sew Mama Sew make your own present archives and discovered the Sew Stylish Wrist Pincushion by Sachiko from Tea Rose Home which has a lovely flower appearance with the petals around the base. I also however found on a separate exploration the stickin' it to the pincushion on whipitup which makes a pincushion divided with embroidery thread into segments (I've since seen this version on several different places-not sure where it started!). I decided to combine these two into one flowery wristcushion! Generally it was pretty successful. I used a pretty fabric I got a fat quarter of at John  Lewis (and had actually already asked Becca what she thought for a pincushion-I told her it was for my mother-not sure she was fooled! though mum is getting one too so its partly true!) and stuffed it with sawdust I got from the pet shop. The petals I bought as a box of loose ones rather than a pre made flower as it was much cheaper. I messed up the band a bit however as I used elastic rather than velcro, and it wasn't stretchy enough so it's ended up too big. Generally though I'm very pleased with it. It's certainly very pretty, and I stuck some coordinating pins in it too. 

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  1. Very sweet! Love the matching pins too, well done you!!
    Miss P