Saturday, 18 December 2010

Christmas Dress complete!

Well I finished the Christmas dress last week so I could cook a Christmas dinner in it, but only took pictures after, and they are still on my friend's camera who has been ill. Plus I almost certainly look very drunk! So I took a few more today to get a daylight sober (well rather hungover actually) view.

The dress went together very easily in the end, though I totally messed up the skirt, which is meant to have darts, but I didn't allow for them when I measured and cut it, and it was then a little too big so its ended up with slightly odd slight pleats down each side. Despite this I'm quite pleased with it. I managed to rope in my flat-mate's boyfriend (who turns out to have previously unknown to us sewing credentials!) to pin the zip in and that all worked out pretty well. The FBA also worked, though the top turned out to have more ease than I expected, so its a little poufy and it really needs the belt. The darts look OK though, and seem to sit in about the right sort of places (frankly I'm slightly astonished by this!) The facings are all excellent, and the neckline is wearable, though with retrospect I would have done it slightly differently as it gaped a lot and I had to put an odd tuck in at the base of the v, but this looks reasonable if not great. Miraculously the sleeves are fine, even though I forgot to adjust the sleeve pattern after altering the armhole.. I threw in some more mini pleats and the whole thing just looks a bit 40s round the shoulders and completely intentional!

All in all I'm pretty pleased with it, and will be cooking some more Christmas food in it later.

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