Monday, 10 January 2011

Out with the old and more space for the new!

Sorry about the lack of posting, been hibernating over Christmas away from my sewing machine. But I’m back and I’m determined to get going quickly. I had a slight moment of depression when I couldn’t fit my new Christmas clothes into my wardrobe, prompting a “I’ve got far too much stuff and why do I need more” anti consumerist panic, but this was solved in two strikes:

-firstly a cull of all the clothes I’ve kept for when I’m thinner –this being a complete waste of time as I’ve no intention of getting any thinner and if I did, I don’t think I’d wear most of the clothes I had selected! (Always the way-I had a pair of jeans I kept for 4 years and then due to being ill I was able to get into them and realised they were hideous!) It wasn’t a particularly vigorous cull but I managed to ditch about a 5th of my wardrobe and barely touched the clothes I even consider wearing. I added in some of the items that I keep pulling out to wear and then put back every time-what’s the point of owning them! An upside was that I’ve rediscovered several things I love but had forgotten I had!

-secondly an overhaul of my storage! I have a lot of hanging things but very little hanging space. My wardrobe has lots of different bits and most of them are shelves that just have stuff dumped on them which I never wear, and the hanging area is split so it’s harder to get at things if its full. Here is what it looked like once I’d pulled out most of these piles (for the cull).

I decided to take action and popped down to Homebase to get some hanging rail and those connector things for the ends. Some irritatingly inaccurate sawing with the wrong kind of saw later – I had doubled my hanging space! I am really quite excessively pleased! (mind you the clothes still seem to fill it, but much less cramped! and now I can hang up my shirts-which means there might be some point ironing them and they might occasionally be worn!

As you can see the piles of boxes on top of the wardrobe still need a little streamlining...!

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  1. That is a pretty thorough re-shuffle and well done on the DIY skills! I've been blitzing and reorganising too. Must be a New Year thing!