Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Slight change of plan

Slight moment of panic last night as I laid my patterns out on my Pendrell homage fabric and realised that due to the (frankly odd) offset raglan nature of the back of the original sleeve (much more than the front for some reason) I don’t have enough material in the back pieces – Oh dear.

So a hasty rummage through my stash was indicated. Luckily, as I had hoped there were several items I had forgotten about completely, most importantly 1m or so of bright blue blouse weight fabric which I think is rayon (never entirely sure about fabrics!). Frankly, not only had I forgotten I had this fabric, I don't even remember buying it! (never a good sign in a stash!) It looks like I have just enough, and it will go nicely with the buttons I already selected.

My only issue is that whilst I don’t think it will be see-through transparency wise, it's so soft that it probably will sit on and show every edge. I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to line it. Which is a pest but there you go, another thing to practice! 

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