Thursday, 20 January 2011

Better late than never- the silky cami top- muslin

Well I know I was meant to be finishing the silky pyjama lounging set before Christmas so I could make my sister a set too-well surprise surprise it didn't happen! Luckily my sister was not fazed by the delay and once she had seen my Madeleine shorts and Gertie's slip she wanted some for herself. so I am back on the case.

I took some time out from the Pendrell homage pattern alterations-post coming soon, to cut out a muslin for the top. I based it on this vintage nightgown pattern, making version 2, which has bias bound wide straps and gathering under the bust (version 4 has ruffles but I felt that was going a bit far). For the muslin I chopped off the length, and as I wasn't sure how much ease the bodice was going to have with the gathers and I have no idea how to do a FBA on a gathered bodice. I decided to just cut it and see.

Overall it came together pretty easily, and had I made it out of nice fabric would probably have been wearable, it is not however good. The cup area looks like it fits but (as shown when I pinned the waist ease out), it actually needs a few extra inches in depth (marked in the thick pen). The waist then needs to be narrowed to fit lower down. Frankly in this respect it fits pretty much like all ready made tops of this kind do on me. ie making me look much fatter than I am. Other than the bust adjustment, and the fact that the back has ended up oddly short (not sure what happened there-must have measured wrong), the only other point is the edge round the arms, which needs a couple of cm or so extra into the armpit and then a dart, as it doesn't lie flat.

I'll next have a try in the pale turquoise fabric, and then onto Ellie's version. I forgot to measure her when I was at home over Christmas but not many measurements are needed-she is pretty much the same shape as me so if it fits me it should fit her in a size down.

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