Thursday, 20 January 2011

Pendrell homage-fabric and buttons

I spent a good hour or two in front of the tv unpicking the seams of the blue silky top for the Pendrell homage, and now I have lots of pieces!

As you can see its much bluer than it looked in the first photo. 

As its going to have buttons down the back, I had a look in my stash. A while ago, I came runner up in a competition by the lovely Zoe, who sent me lots of zips and jolly buttons. I frequently look at all the buttons just to cheer myself up (is this just me? my mum has a drawer full of buttons and I used to love playing with them as a child!) but now I had an excuse to find some nice big buttons for a actual project! I was torn between several different nautical buttons, but thought they might be uncomfortable on the back of a blouse as they aren't flat, but then I spotted these lovely big brown metal buttons! 

They are big enough that they will be simple and dramatic against the slightly decadent looking blue satin, and they have a lovely weight to them. Thanks Zoe!

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