Sunday, 5 December 2010

Lingerie set progress

I decided to start with the mini bloomers, as the reviews online have been good, and they turned out beautiful! I used a light turquoise thin satin, and it was a slight bugger to work with as it was so slippy, but luckily there isn't actually much swing involved! They are really comfortable to wear, and make great pajama bottoms. They do make me look a bit like I'm in the Moulin Rouge but they are very fun.
Then I made a matching slip using lining fabric. I used Gertie's tutorial and it was really good! It only took about 20 minutes and worked seamlessly. I am going to have to make loads more in fun colours-much more exciting than my bought black ones, and you can make them to the exact length for particular outfits. 

Now I just have to work out the top. Having looked through my patterns, I'm going to adjust this one, by making it shorter and making it a bit bigger in the bust.

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