Wednesday, 3 November 2010

My charity shop addiction

Since realizing I can cut things up and remake them. I have become completely obsessed with charity shops. I literally cant walk past one now, much to my friends' amusement/despair. I now therefore have a substantial stash of things that I mean to alter, and which I have not got round to touching. The things I have managed to alter have mainly been skirts, which look the same once I've changed them, just slightly smaller! I have altered a summer dress but it is a bit too low and too wide so it needs further work..(currently in the wash so no photo available).

So I thought I would display some of my stash, in the hope it shames me into doing something with it!
These shapeless skirts are both pretty fabrics so will get made into some pretty dresses one day (promise!).

I love silky tops, but due to the boobs can never manage to find one that remotely fits, so I found this top, which is actually a brighter blue than this looks and is beautifully soft. I haven't yet worked out exactly what to do with it, but there's plenty of fabric.

This is a lovely jersey skirt I found, which is completely unwearable as it flaps open at the front like a sarong. But the fabric is great, so I shall have to cut it up.

And the creme de la creme... the babydoll muumuu

This is probably the least flattering and bizarre garment ever conceived, it flares from above the boobs,
and then flares out to almost an entire circle. Hideous! But the fabric is a lovely orange with little white flowers, and will make a great skirt.

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  1. I have a similar "problem" with hoarding items for refashioning at a later date but recently actually DID refashion some shapelessskirts successfully into "harem pants". I adore them for bombing around at home in. I have a couple of completed pairs that I wear, and once I find another suitable skirt to refashion, am hoping to post a tutorial. Your floral skirts would look fab refashionedin this way, if you like the MC Hammer look that is!
    Miss P