Monday, 23 May 2011

Roswell Week Summary

Well I am done with Roswell Week finally.

Overall I can say I am pretty impressed with my results. I haven't made much progress on some of the larger UFOs, but I have totally cleaned up all the small jobs, several of which I had completely forgotten and I would ever have made a priority normally. Today I had a little blitz on projects and I feel pretty sheepish about how little time it all took n the end but also quite proud!

So lets go over the list.


Black skirt repair. 

Glee Dress for Charlotte – not finished. I have unpicked the ropey seams, but need to fit it back on her. 
Shifting skies skirt – I need to hem both, and put on fastenings. I want to let them hang a bit longer though. 

Silky cami top - it was just never going to work without completely reworking the pattern and recutting it out. 

Pendrell homage.  I didn't even try and do anything to this, I didn't have time for the fitting.

All in all, not bad, I have a much smaller pile!


  1. I love the tropical dress! The fabric is so pretty. I'm impressed how much you managed to do in a week, you managed to finish off loads of things!

  2. Thanks! I am very pleased with the week,it was remarkable how little work lots of the stuff needed to be finished. I do feel very productive, even if its actually the results of major work I did months ago!