Friday, 20 May 2011

The Rosie Ginger

Sadly, despite my best intentions, the last two days of Roswell week were a complete failure. I did no sewing at all. I went to a friends house to watch Twin Peaks one day and the pub the next. Oh dear. However, as I had stated that pub trips were a reasonable excuse, I have decided to include a bit of the weekend as Roswell week just to get some of the smaller jobs out of the way and finish stuff up.

This is also due to the fact that yesterday before the pub, instead of Roswell sewing I was breaking the rules and planning another project (well purchasing fabric for it actually). Sunni (formerly the Cupcake Goddess, now over at a Fashionable Stitch) is having a sew-a-long for Ginger, Colette Patterns' new A-line skirt pattern. Now this is a beginner pattern, and I have made A-line skirts already, but they always end up a little fudgy and not perfect. I have decided to get one with really good instructions (and they are really detailed!)  and do everything properly. It is also a really nice pattern, with several wide waistband options, and my waistbands are always terrible. And it has an invisible zip, which I tend to avoid. So all in all it should be good. I was visiting a school the other day and the teacher was talking to the class about consolidating their learning. This skirt is going to be my consolidation.

I have bought some lovely fabric to make it with, Delilah Toss Rosie Blue by Tanya Whelan. I think I am going to make the curved top waistband and add on some pre made piping (I have never used piping before-I thought I would practice putting it on before I made my own) and some cream knitted lace stuff. It should be very pretty!


  1. Ooh i love this fabric. I was tempted by this sew-along too (and to put piping on it), but I've got exams all through June so can't commit :o(

    I'l definitley be following along though.

  2. I've got loads of assignments due this week and next so I've squashed the skirt in between, frankly several points have suffered as a result, but it still looks OK from the outside! Good luck with your exams!