Monday, 16 May 2011

RW day 3 and 4 - the 90s skirt

Roswell Week Day 3 and 4
Item (s) completed - The 90s skirt, (also fixed pencil skirt seam, and abandoned the silky cami)
State before Roswell Week - taken in at the waist but not shortened
Reason for abandonment - I think I realised it was very full and I couldn't be bothered to hem it!(pathetic aren't I!?)
Time spent as an UFO - about 2 months
Time used to finish - less than an hour
"chump" factor felt for not having done it sooner - high, I had already done most of the work, pure laziness!

Well I have to say that the weekend wasn't as productive as I had planned (I'm not sure mind you that in the history of weekend planning I have ever been early as productive as I intended to be! I always forget that my ideal weekend involves lounging around the kitchen with the flatmates watching terrible/amazing films randomly on tv (this weekend-the Spanish Main -some fine pirate action, followed by Calamity Jane! I quite fancy Calam's yellow dress, before she falls in the creek!). 

Anyway I kept doing bits and bobs but nothing was really coming together, I cut out bits, and drafted bits. but no final outfit. I also realised, after hacking at it a bit, that the silky cami is just not going to fit, I think I need to completely redraft the bodice if it will ever work, the gathers are just all wrong. So that is off the list altogether. I did resew the back seam on my pencil skirt, but there seemed little point photographing that (though I am pleased to be able to wear it again).

Then as I was looking through my fabrics for muslin I found another UFO- a turquoise skirt that I had started to refashion but had then not finished. YAY (not exactly ticking stuff off the list, as it wasn't on it, but progress none the less). The skirt was originally an awkwardly long quite full skirt that was about 3 sizes too big. I had already taken in the side seam to make it fit widthwise, but I hadn't finished shortening it. I therefore chopped off about 8 inches, about 10 off the lining and hemmed it (quite badly actually in places, the material kept stretching at the wrong moment, but it makes it quite flippy)

I realised after I did the bad hemming that I had also made it slightly shorter than I had intended (Roswell week seems to have become about making mini skirts and dresses for some reason!). But I like it, It reminds me of the flippy flowered skirts I used to wear in the 90s, but much fuller and less limp!

better sense of the fabric than the overly yellow shots above.

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