Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Thoughts..on my boring upper half

I was toying with the idea of doing Me Made June, wearing something everyday that I have made myself (including refashions). I haven't decide yet whether or not I will. What was apparent when I made a list of everything I have made, is that I haven't made a single top. Nothing. It is all either dresses or skirts (not counting the half made Pendrell homage of course but I don't see that materialising soon).

Interesting. I should probably consider doing something about this. As it is a little lame.

I think the reason is that I tend to wear simple fairly tight stretchy vest and tees, which I cant make and don't see an awful lot of point trying seeing as they are about £4 each. Now that I have thought that however that seems rather dull. I am very concious of not looking fat or pregnant or shapeless, and any top that has ease or isn't stretchy tends to do that to me. Also almost all my tops (tees or jumpers) are plain colours. Even though I love patterns..Perhaps I have got into a bit of a rut... Do I mind? I'm not sure.

I considered finding some kind of style icon to emulate and become slightly more interesting. I had a little trawl of some fashion/outfit blogs and I am less sure than ever. I was talking the other day to flatmate Lindsey about the tendency of outfit bloggers to focus on a style which seems to involve wearing as many clothes as possible. This is rather nice and they look amazing, but it is not at all me. I tend towards the basic and slightly sloppy looking in clothing.  I do however like Kendi's style (along with a great many other people!), she wears a normal amount of fairly normal clothing items, but looks stunning as they are all really jolly bright colours and patterns, and really suit her. Also she looks different everyday but manages to have a consistent style. I look pretty much exactly the same everyday. I am going to have to try slightly harder I think. Just a little bit. I don't think 30 for 30 is going to work for me though. I pretty much do that already. Everything already goes with everything, as it is all very similar.. I think I need to work on the opposite somehow.


  1. Don't know if you have my problem in that I really struggle to find nice tops that fit both my waist/back measurements AND my bust. So I end up with lots of pretty plain boring jumpers and tees - but then I get to team them with lovely fun skirts so not all bad!

    Can you knit? A friend introduced me to Kim Hargreaves a while ago who has designed some stunning knitwear for all seasons. You have to look at some of her model shots, they're stunning! Weirdly her website doesn't seem to be working right now (www.kimhargreaves.co.uk) but you can also see many of her books with what's included here: http://www.englishyarns.co.uk/acatalog/Kim_Hargreaves_Books.html. I can't knit but I've successfully converted to crochet and my friend has also made me some :)


  2. I have the same issue! However, I have seen that old forties and fifties top/blouse patterns tend to be a lot more fitted around the waist, or at least are meant to be tucked in under a skirt, and by that creating a waist. Quite nice for us with boob issues :) Also I think that unstretchy fabrics work if you can use buttons, zippers or belts to gather some of the fullness around the waist as well! At least that is what I am hoping for - since I bought a huge stash of vintage fabrics that are perfect top making size! :) Good luck to us both!