Tuesday, 17 May 2011

RW day 5 - working on the shifting skies skirt

Roswell Week day 5

Well, OK, I said I would post a lovely item everyday, but I haven't finished anything!

Glee Dress  - I had finished this, but the back seams, gathers and zip were all wonky. This was mainly due to the stretch of the material, and I just couldn't get it straight. After putting it back on Charlotte to see how much I need to alter it, it turns out she has also lost some weight, so it was even worse than it had been! I have unpicked the back now, and will pin it all back together on her, possibly basting everything in situ so that I can try and beat the stretch fabric! I just keep missing her in the daylight though, and I need it! It was back enough unpicking it in daylight. I hate black on black.

Shifting skies skirt
This was one of the big jobs, and it continues to be a bit of a trial. I have finally finished french seaming the joins on the ruffles of the underskirt, (horrible job-dont even attempt this on slippery lining). Frankly its a mess, I have caught different bits along each seam, and this rucked up all the levels at different points. I pulled some of it out again and redid it, but the fabric just wasn't having any of it, so after a certain point I just carried on. I did this so many times that it is now fairly level as all the errors have ended up canceling each other out (ish)!. I think if I could go back in time I wouldn't try this again, even on better fabric, I have now made 3 petticoat like skirts, and all of them have been a nightmare to make, and been underwhelming when done. (a white muslin underskirt for a Red Riding Hood costume- I kept attaching the pieces inside out so all my seams were the wrong way round, and a net skirt for Charlotte that drove me mad with jamming my machine and then turned out to be too small!) I may just buy them in future!

I have also got round to cutting out and assembling the outer skirt. It is made out of the soft cotton I was going to make my Weeping Angel costume out of before I accidentally dyed it too dark and too blue! It is just a basic circle skirt, and I pinched out a back seam and have (half) put in a zip. I seem to have put the waistband on wonky somehow (think I got carried away when working with a sensible fabric!), but I shall tweak the back seam to fix it easy enough. They are now both hanging up to stretch out. I am NOT looking forward to hemming ether of them, but particularly the stupid underskirt, which has 3 hems, all about 10 m long, and super frayed. sigh.

So progress.. if not anything actually finished... Its not looking hugely like all the list is going to get done.. but its getting there.

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