Thursday, 10 March 2011

Other changes to my Spring Palette - the " shifting skies skirt"

As I am re jigging my Spring Palette, I am also going to have to not make the Chuck dress just yet. I just cant face another hardcore pattern altering session and a shirtwaist dress is just going to be too much. But it will be next on the list! Instead I am making another skirt, partially to replace the circle skirt that the Wildflower skirt didn't get to become as I didn't have enough material! I was inspired by this week's theme on the Sew Weekly, which is Local Colour - basically to make a garment inspired by your local environment. I was interested to see what Debi would make based on Edinburgh but she is away this week, so I decided to make something. I'm not sure how well it is going (it was the thing annoying me yesterday, but its better now!) so I am going to keep a little quiet about it for now, but its going to feature the gone wrong dyed cotton sheet from my Halloween costume and 7m of navy lining. Here is a peek at progress so far.

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