Thursday, 10 March 2011

Slight adjustments to my Spring Palette- the refashioned "I no longer hate hemming" skirt

I promise I have been working on my Spring Palette, but various stuff what with seeing people and doing essays has meant that it has all slipped a bit. Plus, several projects have just been winding me up! Accordingly I have some adjustments to make to my plan.

The flowery jersey skirt refashion is not going well, for some reason it just wont behave and I keep adjusting it and the rage is getting greater! Currently it just looks like a misshapen sack with an inexplicable hem. So it is being put to one side until I am calmer!

However-I have a replacement! I was wandering through the charity shops on my way home (its so dangerous!) and spotted a lovely white skirt with turquoise flowers in a nice slightly cheeseclothy cotton, with a built in soft underskirt. Perfect! It was however too large in general and ankle length. It was actually quite nice ankle length but I would never have worn it, I find long skirts make me feel like a hippo, no matter what the mirror says! Sadly I didn't take any pictures of me wearing the original that came out, they were all weirdly flashy (I took them near a mirror and it didn't work). However, here is a shot that shows the skirt as I altered it, and the bit I took off the bottom so you can see.

I just took an even amount off it all round, cutting through both the outer skirt and inner. and it hangs beautifully and the hem was perfectly even first time! Result -(and a nice change after the stupid jersey one!). I also took a few inches out of the waist and side seam so it fit.

I wouldn't generally wear it with my shirt tucked as it sits a little low for that to be very flattering but I did so the whole skirt was visible. I like that it looks nice with tights and without, a good versatile spring skirt!

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