Thursday, 31 March 2011

"Sack to slinky" dress refashion

At last-the slump is broken! Admittedly not with any of the many UFOs I have been avoiding, but with a new refashion I bought last week, but nevertheless! And its even navy and white so it fits with my Spring Palette!

The dress (£2.50 from Shelter) was about 3 sizes too big, and really shapeless. It was a "killer" combination of squared necked shapeless smocked elasticated bodice with an over large tulip skirt (and lets face it, those are only flattering if they fit). But the fabric is really cute, with white outlined flowers on navy, and it had nice pin tucks and buttons on the otherwise underwhelming bodice!

As you can see, the original dress, was a misshapen sack that bore very little resemblance to my figure. Massive round the waist, no bust definition, weird baggy back where the smocking kicks in (very tight round the top and bottom, huge in the middle-sorry no picture of this wonderful detail) and no indication of where my waist or hips would even be. And the neckline sits in a very odd place and makes the whole thing just look weird.

Flattering huh. I look like I weigh about 3 stone more than I do!

Luckily though it was very easy to fix! Firstly I just undid the top button and folded down each side to make it a lovely curve v-neck. I then pinned out some pleats under the bust, along the line of the existing princess seams which led to the existing front pleats, so they are now bigger. I also took 2 inches off each side and did an odd scooped tuck out of the centre back to make it less poofy.

The end result is a little tricky getting it on and off, and a little tight under the arms when I reach forward, but otherwise I love it! I shall be wearing it this weekend down in London with my beautiful friends Shrob, Sarah and Sally. Clearly, as has been proved before, there is nothing like a self imposed out of nowhere deadline to make me do some sewing!


  1. Fabulous refashion! I am loving the new neckline!!! Great job!

  2. That is some nice work! I too love the new necklne.
    I wish I had the imagination to see the potential of what I could do with a garment that doesn't work in it's original form. Mind you if i did, I'd have a massive pile of unstarted refashions from charity shops as well as a massive fabric stash!

  3. dude - I can't believe the difference. it looks soooo good! love the neckline. Miss you xx

  4. sooo much better and the neckline is fantastic! congrats in breaking the streak!

  5. Thanks guys! I had a lovely time wearing it in London, though I think I will have to do something to the right strap as it just a little tight and rubbed me when I was bowling.

    The neckline is totally the best bit, and it was so easy, I just folded it down and it looked perfect! Normally I have to faff about for ages trying to get necklines right, so that they don't gape, and aren't too low, or too high, or lopsided, but this practically made itself!

    (and Law, I assure that I do indeed have a massive stash of items to refashion - my eyes are definitely bigger than my sewing machine!

    Now I just need to not get put off my stride again by all the uni stuff I have to do this week.