Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Dresses that make you dream of sipping beer looking at the sunset

As the days have got longer and sunshine is starting to be visible when I walk home from work, I have started to crave the summer. In particular, sitting on the meadows (a big grassy park in the centre of Edinburgh), drinking beer and generally relaxing into the evening. Accordingly, every time I see a pretty dress, particularly if it is flowery (I love prints!) I immediately want to buy/make it, force the temperature to rise about 10 degrees, get my sunglasses and run off to enjoy the sunset.

Sadly it is still too cold, but I am enjoying browsing for pretty things none the less! I just spent a while oohing over the new anthropologie collection.

such a pretty colour, I can't pull off long myself, but it looks so cool and elegant

love the dip dye bottom to the skirt

lovely sleeve details and collar

so bright and summery-I think I had a similar dress when I was little in the 80s!

Of course thanks to what I like being for once the height of fashion! (wonders will never cease) there are plenty of other pretty things from around the web..

beautiful bright print stretch dress (Cathy Pill at laredoute)

lovely soft colours, I like how the skirt looks like its made out of lots of different length layers. (Paradise Pond dress at modcloth)

Not flowery, but still simple and fun! (Belle et the Fete dress at modcloth)

I love this, its so jolly. I have a skirt refashion I might make into something similar. (Bursting into Bloom dress at modcloth)

I like the chevron skirt pattern, and the bodice detail, nice way to look strapless and summery without continually hitching yourself up! (Craft Sale Saturday dress at modcloth)

And just in case you dont fancy a dress, some lovely silky trousers. (topshop)

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