Wednesday, 6 April 2011

More pretty clothes! Pepperberry

I was just sent an email for the new Pepperberry clothing range. This is the new shop that is a spin off from Bravissimo, which sells bras and stuff for ladies with more on top. They have always done a clothing range too which has more room in the bust area than normal RTW, and now this has been extended into the new shop. The basic logic is that you buy your proper RTW size based on everything apart from the boobs (so like making something by your upper bust measurement rather than full bust so it fits your frame) and then you select either curvy, really curvy or super curvy based on how much difference your boobs make. There is one in Edinburgh, though I haven't yet had chance to go, but I am excited by the on-line store! Sadly as lot of the clothes in Bravissimo still don't fit me as my hips and waist are just not proportional, but anything with a flared skirt is good!

Whether or not I will buy anything remains to be seen but I may make some stuff that is similar!

Ok, I want this skirt, or at least something very similar, I think I might incorporate some stripes onto my shifting skies skirt (should I ever finish it!)

They describe this as a prom dress, which to me, possibly due to being used to looking at vintage patterns, seems to not be what I would call it, even if it does have an underskirt. It is however very pretty and simple and definitely something I could make from the loads of florals that seems to have ended up in my stash!

Two quite similar dresses here. I love dresses that look like separates, and the contrast on the blue dress is amazing. The brown one is a similar look to what I am aiming for with my Oolong (again, should I get round to making it-I am doing terribly on my spring palette!).

And no dress collection would be complete without a fabulous shift dress in a bright colour! (not in my book anyway). Sadly this, despite the hardest to make, will definitely not fit me from the shop. Stupid hip/waist ratio!

(I should note that I am not in any way affiliated with Pepperberry or Bravissimo, I am just excited to shop there!)

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  1. I found this the other day! I love the blue one and the contrast - I'm so jealous you have a shop in Edinburgh, I love their dresses... xx