Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Roswell Week part 2!

Well, as is very clear, the last few weeks I have not been feeling the sewing love. I pulled myself out of the slump with the Flamingo tee, but the following week just involved me starting about 4 different things, only to abandon them after about half an hour. So all I have done is create a big pile of UFOs. But that doesn’t matter! Because the Sew Weekly’s theme this week is UFOs-so bring it on! ROSWELL WEEK PART 2! For anyone who didn’t notice my previous Roswell Week (my most productive week ever!), it is a weekly challenge that I made up where over a period of 7 days (ish) you try and finish as many UFOs as possible, posting every day. It’s actually quite motivational and you get a huge buzz from finishing things, and you can finish something every day if not more often (as frequently you don’t actually have that much left to do so it’s very quick).

This will hopefully give me a chance to finish the few items I failed to finish last time, and I shall be similarly industrious this time. It is perhaps a slight concern that it is only about a month since the last Roswell Week, and I have added many more items… I have such a short attention span. Never mind. It is also very appropriate to connect to the Sew Weekly’s UFO week, as most of my recent UFOs are half finished Sew Weekly projects!

So, the new list (which does contain some old favourites..)
The Glee Dress for Charlotte. Only about 6 months so far on this one.
The Pendrell Homage Blouse. Similar, and not even cut out yet, just years and years of fitting. Frankly I have to finish this soon, as it is starting to be a serious mental drain on my motivation and confidence levels!
Shifting Skies skirt. Not too bad, I have at least kept doing things to this. And it’s a Sew Weekly inspired item, so is very appropriate.
Shrug. I said I would test out a shrug pattern for the maker and have not made a huge amount of progress on it!
Red jersey vest refashion. This was the first thing I started to hack about for the Sew Weekly refashion theme last week, I didn’t get very far.
Men’s shirt refashions. After giving up the red vest I then started pulling some shirts apart, and then gave up on them..
Spotty vest. I sort of stalled on this but I have fitted half of it.. it is made from two pillow cases so another Sew Weekly UFO.
Chair jazzying. Ok not entirely sewing but I started making a cushion and reconsidering painting a chair in my room the other week.
Cushion covers. And I have been meaning to make some additional cushions for the kitchen chairs for ages and have only done half of one.

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  1. That's a great idea! If I had a week's worth of UFOs I'd do this challenge. I just haven't been productive enough to get halfway finished on much of anything! Good luck - it'll be nice to get those done :)