Monday, 4 July 2011

Roswell week 2 - a slight delay!

OK, so you may have noticed I have not been doing my Roswell Week posts. I have actually finished two things, but my plans over the last week  have been somewhat sidetracked by SUMMER!. Over the last few months Edinburgh has had pretty terrible weather, and very little sunshine, even when the rest of the UK has been having a heatwave, but in the last week it has finally improved, and everyone has gone a little mad for the sunshine! Consequently there has been a lot more "leave work early and got the pub" type stuff going on which has cramped my sewing urges a little! My lovely flatmate also had a birthday so there was festivities to be had about that as well. But Roswell Week is not cancelled, oh no. I have just paused it after 1 day, and it shall be picked up again once the rain comes back.

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