Thursday, 7 July 2011

Roswell Week 2 - day 1 (sort of)

OK, I'm back, the rain has returned and fun things in the sun are now much less likely to distract me!

This is a slightly incorrect post, as I did not do all these things on day 1, some were on day 2, however, as I have not been very good at taking pictures of things, some of day 1 remains undocumented. Therefore this is half the stuff I did on days 1 and 2!

Item (s) completed - Blue Chair
State before Roswell Week - boring brown chair.
Reason for abandonment -Hadn't got any fabric I wanted to cover it with.
Time spent as an UFO - about a month
Time used to finish - 10 minutes for each coat of paint, 5 minutes covering the seat
"chump" factor felt for not having done it sooner - high - this was soo easy and looks so much better!

I had a chair left in my room that used to belong to a flatmate (well he had bought it to cut up and make into crazy architectural models but then didn't need to). After he moved out it just sat around my room with piles of stuff on it (as is the way with chairs I find!) It was hidden in a corner because it wasn't very pretty-just a high backed wooden chair with a horrible plastic leather seat. I considered painting it, mainly after seeing pretty chairs on pinterest like these and these. I was going to go with white,but then I found some lovely fabric (Amy Butler - Soul Blossoms Twilight Peony in Azure) and immediately changed my mind-the chair would be bright blue like my front door (as I had plenty of paint left!)

I rejected (through laziness) any talk of sanding and priming, and just painted the thing, 2 coats later it looked amazing! I then stapled my pretty fabric to the seat (I added a layer of wadding for comfort-this meant I had to knock the seat back in with a hammer as it was too big) and VOILA!

The colour it used to be.

There is s slight follow up to this but I haven't photographed it yet.

Item (s) completed - Pattern testing - the flamingo shrug
State before Roswell Week - print off pattern printed but not assembled.
Reason for abandonment - needed to iron the jersey and then got distracted
Time spent as an UFO - only 2 weeks or so but I needed to give the designer feedback.
Time used to finish - half an hour
"chump" factor felt for not having done it sooner - high - very easy pattern, only 2 seams!

The lovely Karin of Acien-Nouveau asked via Burdastyle for some volunteers to try out her new pattern, a cute jersey shrug, so that she could see if she had scaled the sizes correctly. I had printed it off but not got round to cutting it out and sewing it. It was super easy to make, it's all one piece and only has two short seams (unless you decide to hem it). Of course, as I am incapable of following instructions I manage to mess it up by sewing one armhole shut (i really don't know what is wrong with me!). So after I had unpicked that it was done!

As I took the pictures to show Karin the fit, they are not the most flattering or cheerful shots of me I have ever taken-but the shrug is very pretty- I made it out of more of my bright pink jersey and it is very jolly and cosy.


  1. YAY! The chair looks fabulous! And I love the shrug too!!!

  2. thanks honey! I am LOVING the chair- the part of my room where it sits used to be a big heap of random stuff that made em sad-but now I have cleared it out and the blue chair makes me absurdly happy every time I see it!