Wednesday, 8 June 2011

TOPping up my wardrobe - the plan

OK, so for anyone who managed to stagger through my boring and self involved post yesterday (and those who didn't (can't blame you) I now bring you my plan for my new tops. 

Having realised that all my tops are the same, I perused a popular on-line inspiration retailer (rather excitingly Anthropologie has actually opened an Edinburgh store! I was invited to have my dog's portrait painted as part of the opening festivities (shame I don't have a dog, or an urge for a portrait of someone else's)). But anyway, I had a look through and found some tops that whilst they are not necessarily following the rules, they do inspire tops that could. 

Top left to bottom right, (sorry I couldn't be bothered to put all the links in for these but they are all super easy to find if you go to the main site and click tops or blouses as appropriate)
Colourful, bright print with kimono-esque sleeves; cute casual shirt with covered buttons and sleeve tabs; fun bird print-I have tended to avoid prints that need to "placed"; tie/dip dye (OK I prob wont do this but its pretty) and an interesting rolled neckline/straps; another nice rolled neckline, with a cowly feel, also stripy-I dont own a stripy top; pretty print with a nice wrap, fluttery sleeves and elasticated waist; cut out detail (no idea how I would do this but some lace or something would be nice); elastic smocking; cowl neck, swooshy folds; fitted vest that doesn't have to be stretchy with a nice button/neckline detail.

I also had a look at some jumpers and cardigans (the ones against the white background are from modcloth)

stripy fun again-all my jumpers are plain, and I like how the stripes are vertical at the front and horiz on the sleeves; structured detailing; spots and kimono sleeves; cowls and fun edging; lace appliqué embellishments; crazy jolly embellishments.

Now for the plan:
  • Fitted vest, hopefully from a white with tiny navy spotted pillow case I have, inspired by this weeks Sew Weekly challenge-pillowcases! I shall have to see if there is enough material.
  • Pendrell homage (one day I will finish this, I just got so demoralised after all the pattern fitting!) -bright blue button back scoop neck blouse with collar detail.
  • Purple jersey smocked top refashion (I have an oversized top my flatmate gave me that I've been wondering what to do with)
  • Colette Patterns Sorbetto blouse (lovely free pattern-though I am going to tweak the darts and bit and FBA based on some comments I've seen), possibly in a pale pink cotton with big white spots that I have a remnant of in the stash
  • Jersey cowl neck-I have a massive blue jersey dress thing I could cut up
  • Jersey kimono sleeve top, there's a tutorial on Burdastyle I'm considering. 
  • Casual shirt like the navy one above, but possibly in a more interesting colour. 
  • I am also going to look for some patterned jumpers and knitwear to have a play with, depending on what I fond in the charity shops, sadly my knitting just isn't up to making anything from scratch!


  1. I just found your blog and I love it. Just reading this post made me want a new shirt, though sewing a new shirt is a new avenue for me.

  2. Thanks honey! Sewing tops is new for me too, as I havent tended to focus on the bit of my body that's hardest to fit!