Friday, 30 September 2011

SSS11 Day 30

Well, it's not actually the last day due to all my pictures yet to be taken, but it is the end of the month.

What I wore
Top - Ness
Skirt - Wildflower skirt
Necklace - Debenhams

I love my blue Ness top so much I bought another one in the sale in pink-which I love too! I was feeling bold today (also need to do some washing) so I decided to clash my colours a little. Not that turquoise and pink really clash, but they are quite bright together. I feel very jolly in this outfit, and will definitely wear it again. And I remembered to put a necklace on again!

I am not getting much better at posing, its very hard to do without feeling you look like an idiot, or somehow deformed... Perhaps after my bumper 2 weeks of outfits post I will be feeling more confident!

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