Thursday, 29 September 2011

SSS11 Day 10, and 12/17

Well I have had a slight hitch with my Self Stitched September, namely that I lost my camera. I had gone home for a week and couldn't find it anywhere after the first day. Which foiled the daily photos somewhat. But do not fear-I have still been wearing my own stuff most days, so the challenge has a been a success on that front. I have only missed a few days, either through not getting dressed at home, (and my pjamas not being self made) and as I had to go to a proper meeting yesterday and realised that I just don't have any self made formal work wear.. Having said that, the top I wore had been taken in very slightly, and I had mended the skirt, so it almost counted! 

But then I found the camera-it must have fallen out of my bag in the car and was under the seat - yay! So the daily photos are back on. 

I will do a recap at the weekend about the intermediate days (I wrote them down in a moment of organisation), but here at the days that have already been photographed.

Day 10 
What I am wearing
Top  -  basic black vest from H&M
Skirt - basic skirt refashion 
Cardigan - turquoise  - Zara


I wore this to travel in. The picture was taken in a service station that was taking a really long time to bring me my food, hence the depressed attitude! Though the outfit doesn't exactly set the world on fire it is very comfortable and cool. and the skirt is definitely one of the most worn items in  my self made closet. 

Day 11
pyjamas only - nothing like the first day back home and Sky movies for relaxation

Day 12 (and also 17)

What I am wearing
Top - Navy vest - H&H
Skirt - Ginger Rosie
Sunglasses - New Look

When I got back to Sheffield after the chilly days of Edinburgh, it was suddenly summer again (Sheffield gets much better weather..). I say again, there hasn't really been a summer at all, so it was a bit of a novelty!  I wore this outfit twice, and both times it was admired by all (except my little bro who just looked at me and asked why I was wearing my skirt so high!). 

The next day, which I hadn't photographed outfit wise before I left my camera in the car, we went to see an old mill that has been converted into a museum and cafe where we had tasty salads. It was beautiful. 

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