Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Self Stitched September day 7 (except it's day 1 for me!)

Well here we go. I can say that it is a bit of a culture shock to get up, consider what I am going to wear beyond it looking all right and being suitable for work, and then take a picture of it. All I really grasped when I looked in my wardrobe was that I really need to do some washing and that I have no idea how style bloggers do it!

Having said all that, the weather is being obliging, and sticking to nice sunny summery times, pity that all the summer bits are the bits that are in the washing basket! So all in all there wasn't a lot of choice this morning! But I am wearing make up, and a necklace! (I always forget to put jewellery on!)

What I wore
Top -  H&M
Cardigan  - Charity shop
Skirt  - So long sarong  - Refashioned from charity shop

I quite like this, I had only been wearing the skirt with darker tops in a less summery way, but this is nice. It is a pretty basic start, but it is typical of the way I tend to dress (barring my usual lack of jewellery despite having tons of the stuff!)

On a more practical note, I really have to work on my photography/posing skills, I had to sneak this picture quickly this morning as people kept walking past and I didn't want to look like an idiot. This is the best of the few I got, I was leaning against the wall, but that doesn't really come across and so makes my arms look a bit odd!

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