Thursday, 8 September 2011

SSS11 Day 8

Well now we are on the second day of my late starting challenge, and so far it's going OK. I am still wearing (some) makeup, even though I have a steaming cold, but I have not managed jewellery-but I have managed a belt! I got sick of having no belts so I ordered a few form ASOS, expect to see the others as the month progresses.

What I am wearing
Top   - Ness (Debi has got me a bit hooked! even though I am not a huge tartan person, they have some really nice separates! Plus I walk past the shop when going to and from work everyday so it is so easy just to pop in).
Belt  -  ASOS
Skirt - refashioned from a charity shop purchase. (a bit wrinkled, I should have ironed the hem again I think!)

When I put this on I remembered I hadn't blogged about the skirt (it is a pretty basic refashion). I have a before picture somewhere, but not on this computer. It was just much longer and kinda grannyish in style because of it. But it is a lovely bright pink!

I like this outfit a lot. I haven't worn this top much yet because it's slightly short, which makes it perfect for pencil skirts (most of my tops tend to be quite long so that they don't continually ride up round my middle, but this looks a bit odd if you want to tuck them in to something!). It is very cute though, it's a fine stretchy knit with decorative weave (I can't really describe it, like a really horizontally stretched rib that's now completely flat but still stretchy..) It's super soft, the neck has contrasting decorative lingerie elastic trim and a little ribbon bow. I like the colours together in the outfit, you can never have too much colour! I need to put some belt loops on the skirt though, luckily I have lots of the material left from the bit I chopped off!)

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