Thursday, 20 October 2011

My return to sewing after a (not so) short break!

Well I have been seriously missing from the blog world for some time. I have been busily working away revising for some exams, which I had earlier this week. So now I am free! FREE! Free to do all the stuff I have been avoiding doing for the last month or so, including, of course, Sewing!

And just in time frankly, as I have a number of time pressured projects coming up, and a ridiculous number of seriously overdue items, mainly owed to other people -Ooops!

So here is a quick recap of the things I am meant to be doing (not in any particular order) ..

SSS11 photos - I actually took half of these, but didn’t get round to finishing it, or putting them up. Not that I imagine anyone really cares, but it would be useful to remind myself of all the options-it seems a really long time ago!

Un-blogged projects – I have a few of these that should be put up at some point! I have done (very) slightly more sewing than it appears!

Un-finished projects – ah the UFOs, many of the usual subjects, but some are getting really ridiculous and are so close! The main victim is the Glee dress, it is getting for a year that this has been 90% done and my flatmate waiting for it and I am putting my foot down (possibly!) Also I half made a colourful dress that has been on Agnetha for weeks now and I should move it on a bit (though I may have to reconsider how to wear it now it’s no longer summer!).

Halloween! – I have a number of costumes to make various bits of for myself and the flatmates, some of which will be more time and drama intensive than others!). I am going to start earlier (than 5 hours before I needed 2 dresses) than last year so it will be less stressful!

Present for Lindsey  - I promised my flatmate I would make her something as a birthday present, and I haven’t had time yet.  She says she has something in mind so we will have to work out exactly what she wants and get it made.

Pattern swap – I signed up to be part of an international pattern swap on the Sew Weekly communitysite. We all sent each other patterns and other bits and pieces, and then we are going to make something from the patterns. More on that in a bit.

Other projects - (because that doesn’t sound like enough does it!) I really need some more wintery clothes in my hand made wardrobe, as the temperature has plummeted. I am considering a dark purple Ginger skirt, using some fabric my mum gave me last year, and a long purple cardigan (sewing not knitting) that I bought some double knit for last year but was too scared of knits to use. I am sad to say that the pattern swap has reignited my pattern buying addiction, and I picked up a few extras from Ebay, that could make some nice things. I am particularly keen on a soft knit version of this: 

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