Thursday, 20 October 2011

Pattern swap plans

I a mentioned in my previous post, I am taking part in an international pattern swap with the Sew Weekly's community site. I sent off some bits to a lovely blogger, and another lovely blogger sent me some things!

My sendee, Tracy, sent me a fun jacket and skirt pattern Maudella 5603 that reminded her of Bonnie and Clyde (and I can see why!), a copy of Threads magazine (which I have never read before-its fun!), and a beautiful Liberty needle book. Thanks Tracy!

So now I have to work out what to do with the pattern. The temptation with vintage patterns is to remake the cover image, as they always look really cool and fun, plus they are always drawn to flatter the drawn people. In this sense they are the complete opposite of modern patterns, where they seem to try and make things look as hideous and sack like as possible on the illustrations. Despite how much the idea of a blue striped Bonnie and Clyde jacket appeals, in reality it would probably not be fantastically useful. sigh. I should totally go shoot up some places and be a robber, then I would be able to make much more interesting choices! So, probably a better idea to go with something more like view 2, the shorter green one.

So, the variations I must make.
Obviously whatever I do it is going to need an FBA. Luckily it's princess seamed so that should be reasonably straight-forward.
As the jacket is double breasted, it could look a little bulky on me, but the double breasted bit is only on the lower half, so as long as I adjust the FBA/neckline so that it crosses in the correct place, the buttons should be below the bust, and hence fine (plus they might do up-a bit of a novelty on jackets for me!)
I am going to make version 2, which is shorter and has a belt. I'm not sure about the belt yet, I will consider when I get that far.
I have never made a proper jacket/coat before.. scary! so it involves a lot of things I theoretically know how to do but have never really tried properly, like full lining, bound buttonholes and welt pockets (the pockets are only on version 1, but I fancy popping some in anyway for practice).
I am unsure whether to make it a coat or a jacket.. not sure which would be more useful. The coat probably, but I haven't worked much with thick fabrics, and there is rather a lot of new in this project already..Plus there is the danger that it is going to be a disaster, so pricey wool might be an error..hmm, I may have a think on that one for a bit. I may compromise with a slightly coaty jacket!

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  1. what a fab parcel ! I am also part of the swap and cannot wait to find out who is my buddie! Have fun making it.