Tuesday, 25 October 2011

How little it takes to dent enthusiasm..

I hit a slight wall last night. With my costume. I have the classic problem of knowing that something is a remarkably close fit for you, then trying it on and it looking horrendously misshapen. Now I drafted this on my dress form, which is my shape. and then tacked along the seam lines, and then sewed it up. So I know it is close. but it really doesn't look that way. I have clearly just got one or two seams a bit wonky, and it's throwing the whole thing off. But which seams? gah. I shall have to have another look at it later. Given that it all looks very low and the darts seem about waist height, I am assuming the shoulder seams may be heavily involved. Also  the bodice isn't attached to the skirt, so that might make quite a lot of difference. And I haven't put the sleeves on yet. And I definitely need to take it in a bit at the sides. I am hoping that these tweaks will make it perfect. But currently I have to admit it doesn't look very promising.. well we shall see.

On the plus side, I made Charlotte an apron. And that went very well (it wasn't very complicated but still, given yesterdays hit rate it could still have gone very wrong!)

Here is my new ham. It also doubles well as a massive pincushion I have discovered.


  1. I know what you mean, fitting difficulties can be deflating especially when you just want it done already. Take a break if you can and hopefully you'll come back with a fresh pair of eyes! Love your ham, pretty print!

  2. Thanks honey! Luckily I can take a break from the dress by making the other costume!

  3. Oh, no, the dreaded fitting! Although I cringe at the thought of posting fitting-photos, I've found I've gotten some of the best advice that way (on my blog or on Pattern Review), and fixes I wouldn't even have thought of. Good luck---I hope tweaking the shoulder seams works. :)