Monday, 24 October 2011


Well, whilst it may seem as if my promises of sewing are not coming true, they are! I have sewn some stuff! I am currently working on the costume part of my brief (as it has a deadline-I do love a deadline) and it’s actually going fairly well so far. Me and Lindsey hopped along to the Edinburgh fabrics (along with half of Edinburgh, was slightly busier than normal!) and picked up some goodies. Now I am not going to tell you much of the results so far as about half the people who read this blog will probably be at the party we are going to, and it would be a shame to spoil the surprise. However, I can say that I amused the flatmates a fair bit last night doing some draping on my dress form in the kitchen watching Die Hard, if only as bits kept falling off/out of the dress form (I really need to fix her stand a bit, she keeps falling over).

I have to say that especially when working on things for myself, I am a bit of a lover of draping. Patterns tend to fit so badly that I end up changing every single line anyway. Of course you often need somewhere to start, and they have fun details that I wouldn’t think of, but I do find them somewhat infuriating! My general approach to things currently is to mash 3 or so different patterns together, on the dress form. I’m not entirely sure this is the best way! My costume however is perfect for draping as it doesn’t need to be perfect, and is made out of stretchy material, so I can just pull it around until it looks nice. Lindsey’s is going to be more tricky, as it is more fitted and has some new techniques to try out. It has however inspired me (due to lots of curved seams) to stop oohing over Sunni's gorgeous tailor's hams, which are too expensive for me sadly due to overseas postage, and just make one myself. Yay! I now own a tailor's ham, and I can see it being very useful in pretty much every project I do. Well worth the time and effort stuffing it (by far the hardest bit-they are very simple to make).

In other news, I am slightly sad that my recent enjoyment of the classic period drama the House of Elliot has finished its repeat on ITV3. I do love a sewing drama (its about 2 sisters that set up a dressmaking business), even though I kept thanking my lucky stars I didn’t grow up in that time as those clothes would have looked awful on me!

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