Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Adjusted Crystal Cove Cami

So, my most favourite recent make, even more than my Bonn shirts, is my new vest top. I keep seeing beautiful ogden camis, and I love the aesthetic, but I really was never going near an fba on a dartless bodice. So... that was the situation for a year or so, then one day, after making some nice shirts, I was cruising the itch to stitch website and saw the Crystal Cove Cami. It looked great, skinny straps, breezy vibe and CUP SIZES! YEAH!

 I did make some adjustments. The cami actually has a nice overlapping back detail which could be very cool on summer, but I wanted a solid back so I just reflected the piece around centre back. I also wanted to replicate the ogden's low front and back, so I lowered the front by about an inch and the back by about 1.5 for a fabulous low back. I also didnt use bias straps, as I didnt have enough material so I just cut longer straight ones. I also reduced the depth of the facing as one of pet hates is facings that pinch round the bust.

 I used the last remnant of the gorgeous viscose I used for my Peacock dress, and it fit so nicely! I LOVE THIS TOP! I was concerned that it might not work, and I did have to take little darts out under the arms, but otherwise it is perfect! The low back just skims the top of my bra, and I feel very glamorous! My bra straps are completely visible, but personally I quite like that look. 

Saturday, 27 April 2019

Bonn shirts

I mainly learned to sew in order to make shirts. Due to the boobs I couldn't buy shirts that fit across the front without being massive in the shoulders. Even the ones from bravissimo didn't work I'm too tall so the extra boob space was at the wrong place.

Cue 5 or so years later and I've made one shirt. Which doesn't fit any more.

Until now! I decided (probably on a whim, that's how most of my sewing gets done!) that I wanted a loose blousy shirt to tuck into things. I scoured the Internet for a suitable pattern - a key criteria was built in cup sizes - I know myself and I just can't be bothered with fbas! I also didnt need many traditional shirt details, as I wanted a simpler style. I decided on the Bonn shirt from Itch to stitch, which has a simple collar and sleeves. It's reasonably slimline but a tester had made a softer blousey one so I was sold!

I used this black and white viscose (probably from my eBay viscose buying spree) which is perfect as it's not too soft and creasy.

I made the size up through the waist and bust, to keep it blousey. I went for the three quarter sleeves to keep it useful for varying temperatures. 

I hate buttonholes, and it easily goes over my head so I just sewed short lines where the buttons would go instead. I left off the top fastening as it felt higher than I wanted, and also some of the lower ones so that I can tie up the bottom if I want to.

I love this shirt - I've worn it several times a week since making it. It's a work staple but also makes me feel slightly more fashionable than usual!

I therefore immediately made another - this time with a pink flowery viscose that I had considered for my sister's asaka robe but on reflection I thought might be too bright for her tastes. I got it from Samuel Taylor in Leeds and as I needed a lot for the robe (there are some huge sleeves involved!) I had masses left over. I therefore made a matching skirt that I can wear with the top so it looks like a dress. Overall I am extremely pleased with the various pieces!