Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Adjusted Crystal Cove Cami

So, my most favourite recent make, even more than my Bonn shirts, is my new vest top. I keep seeing beautiful ogden camis, and I love the aesthetic, but I really was never going near an fba on a dartless bodice. So... that was the situation for a year or so, then one day, after making some nice shirts, I was cruising the itch to stitch website and saw the Crystal Cove Cami. It looked great, skinny straps, breezy vibe and CUP SIZES! YEAH!

 I did make some adjustments. The cami actually has a nice overlapping back detail which could be very cool on summer, but I wanted a solid back so I just reflected the piece around centre back. I also wanted to replicate the ogden's low front and back, so I lowered the front by about an inch and the back by about 1.5 for a fabulous low back. I also didnt use bias straps, as I didnt have enough material so I just cut longer straight ones. I also reduced the depth of the facing as one of pet hates is facings that pinch round the bust.

 I used the last remnant of the gorgeous viscose I used for my Peacock dress, and it fit so nicely! I LOVE THIS TOP! I was concerned that it might not work, and I did have to take little darts out under the arms, but otherwise it is perfect! The low back just skims the top of my bra, and I feel very glamorous! My bra straps are completely visible, but personally I quite like that look. 

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