Monday, 4 January 2016


Well I guess it's that time of year... I don't really make resolutions usually but I'm in the midst of a lot of changes and I feel more transitional than usual! These aren't all sewing but ... oh well!

1) sew more. I'm making costumes for a school play but I also want to make some new stuff for myself and others.  It's been too long! Plus the stash is ridiculous. 
Target for Jan - 3 items and 3 alterations.  This may sound a lot but I'm currently not in work so have more time.

2) get on top of flat tidyness. My flat is not ideal despite having loads of space. I'm going to have a cull and move stuff about so that everything actually has a place. This includes the sewing room which is not currently very functional!

Target for Jan -  Tidy everything.  Cull all storage areas. 

3) be healthier. Not very original but my job got very busy last year and both cooking and exercise took a serious hit.

Target for Jan -try to cook each meal from scratch (ish -I'm going to buy bread and stuff). Don't buy oven pizza or oven chips. Go swimming and climbing each week. 

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