Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Roswell day 3 - bird box cushions

Item completed - Bird box cushions.
State before Roswell Week -cut out. 
Reason for abandonment - I got distracted
Time spent as an UFO - as foam cushions that needed covering, a year? as cut out pieces, about a month. 
Time used to finish - about an hour
"chump" factor felt for not having done it sooner -pretty terrible for the amount of time it took me to buy the fabric, not so bad for the rest

Ok, this isn't actually finished, as I only finished one, but I though I would check it worked properly for sewing the other one up. 

For many years we had some uncomfortable kitchen chairs, which I cut out some foam squares to make more comfortable. These gradually became slightly disgusting, as I never got round to covering them. Then I got some new chairs, from a second-hand scrap yard in Prestonpans. They were far more pretty, but the foam was still useful.We also have window seat, and the cushions at the end always flopped down and weren't comfy, so I rolled up a bit of foam to make a bolster to prop everything up, which I also never covered. 

eventually found some fun bird fabric in Ikea. I have never made a box cushion before, and I am not sure I sewed it all up in the correct order, but it seemed to work. I put in zips and everything. As stated in my previous post, the bolster was a bit tricky as it isn't a perfect cylinder or anything, and I made a bit of a hash of bits of it, but luckily these are not visible in use! yay!


  1. Very pretty! I love that window seat area, it would be nice to sit there and read.

  2. These are really nice - well worth finishing off!

  3. Great chairs! Funny how the simple things can languish for so long. Good on you for making the cushions - they look great