Thursday, 29 March 2012

Drawing a line - Roswell Week 3

Ok folks, I will admit. I have completely fallen off the sewing bandwagon in the last month or so. I just haven't been at all motivated. I think about a project, and then I sit down at my machine and I just can't be bothered. I don't know what is wrong with me! Well I do, I have had a very stressful month and haven't felt like doing anything. And now the weather is nice so I have been outside playing in the sun (for some reason the weather is pretending it is July instead of March). But no more procrastinating.I shall make things, and feel the joy that comes from doing so. I have made a cushion cover for a bolster pillow for our window seat. Which really needed doing. But it was a serious bodge job (luckily you can't tell when it is insitu!) though it still looks much better than the uncovered roll of foam we had before. I also altered a skirt for a friend, which had been weighing on my mind.

I think that's slightly the trouble, I have a lot of unfinished jobs that just clog up my mind, I shouldn't start things until they are finished, but I have got stuck for whatever reason and haven't done them. BUT NO MORE! I shall finish them all!! (well some of them). Roswell Week 3! For those who don't know. Roswell Week is a week where I try and finish as many UFOs as possible, ideally posting everyday. I have done it twice before, the first time a magnificent success, the second a dismal failure.. Hopefully this time will also be a success..! I shall either finish stuff, or just properly abandon stuff, but the pile will go down! It is a blitz attack sort of approach!

So on the list:

Orange pencil skirt for Lindsey. This is shaming, I should have done this months ago but I keep forgetting what alterations to make. It was meant to be for Christmas... Oh well. This is the skirt of the infamous zip sewing in upside down incident. All it needs is the waistband taking in a bit, the hem redoing and the waistband sewing down. IT SHALL BE DONE!

Mystery project. This is one of those brilliant successes or horrible failures in the making, and probably won't be done this week because there is an awful lot left to do. So it shall remain a mystery.. for now. ( I promise if it is horrible I will show it too). But I shall make some progress.

Meringue skirt. This is so close to finished, but it has ground to a halt for a sad reason. namely, that despite loving this on everyone else who has made it, I hate it on me. The scallops just look peculiar. It may be the fabric I used which is flowery, but it just looks a bit of a mess. The scallops aren't finished but I think they wont be as they just don't seem to work. I think part of the problem is that is a very straight skirt. In an ideal world I would peg it and make it narrower at the hem, which would make it look less odd on on me, but there are those blasted scallops which mean that that doesn't work as I would have to cut off half a scallop or something. Argh.. I am tempted to cut off the scallops entirely and then just have a straight hemmed skirt, but it does seem rather a waste, plus it might be a bit short. All in all I probably would have binned this weeks ago, except that I finally managed to do a perfect invisible zip! It is beautiful and I can't waste it! It appears the trick with my zipper foot is to sew the line it wants to (about 2 mm out) and then sew another one closer, when the zip behaves better.

Cushion covers for the kitchen. This is a follow up to the before mentioned bolster bodge. Again, been waiting a long time for these.

Pendrell Homage. OK this one has been on the list since the first Roswell. I am just scared to cut it out. CHICKEN!

Pink pencil skirt. I traced the pattern, I cut out the pieces. No further progress.

Pink wrap top. Pieces cut out, and will probably only take about 3 seams.. (though it may not work... it a bit of an experiment)

Check pencil skirt. Cut out. Not sewed.

Shifting skies underskirt. Again, been on the Roswell list for a while. All it needs is taking up a bit at the waist.

Yet unknown contents of the mending bag. I had actually lost my mending bag.. for about a year, but spotted it again the other day. I will have to investigate its contents (and possibly bin them!).

Spotty checked vest. Another Roswell regular. This is the result of the Sew Weekly pillowcase project. Last year.

Red shirt refashion. Half unpicked the darts, then abandoned. Really small project that has been hanging about for months.

Turquoise underskirt. Cut out, not sewn up, even though it is only 4 seams, and I wear my other underskirt almost every day. Pathetic.

The list seems to have got rather long, and I haven't even checked my sewing area yet.. Oh well-BRING IT ON! ROSWELL WEEK 3!

Feel free to join me, any other UFO gatherers out there! The challenge doesn't really have any rules, and you don't have to finish, but it is always good to get through the pile!

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